Gaver Tree Farm

Celebrating our 30th Year! Our BEST selection EVER! Gorgeous, tall trees!

November 28 – December 23, 2014

Open 9am – 5 pm daily

FREE Shaking and Baling
FREE Use of Saws
FREE Tree Drilling

Cut-Your-Own: Choose from over 60 acres of beautifully shaped Christmas trees.

Fresh Cut Area: Trees are cut fresh daily from our own farm. You will find a wide selection in the Fresh-Cut area, or tell us what you want and we will go to the field and find it for you! Fresh-Cut trees are priced by type and height of the tree.

Wreath Shop: Fresh 10 to 50 inch Balsam, Fraser and Noble Fir wreaths, swags, pine roping, window boughs, greens, bows, tree bags, tree stands and more available in the Farm Market.

Snowy Trees

Tree Types:

Cut-your-own trees are priced based on the type of tree. Fresh-Cut trees are priced based on the type of tree and height for tall trees.


Colorado Blue Spruce (4-10 feet) $70: Premium tree with strong, sturdy branches; blue-green in color; excellent needle retention.

Canaan Fir (4-10 feet) $50: Soft, short, dark green needles with firm branches; cousin to look-a-like Fraser Fir; very fragrant.

Douglas Fir (4-10 feet) $50: Often the most popular tree with soft needles and light green color; a great tree for children to help decorate. Taller Douglas Fir available in the Fresh- Cut area up to 12 feet.

Fraser Fir (4-8 feet) $50: Dark blue-green color and silvery undertone; excellent needle retention; open, sturdy trees.

Concolor Fir (4-10 feet) $70: Elite tree with bluish color and unique needles; strong citrus scent; full tree with good needle retention.

White Pine (4-12 feet) $35: Very soft needles with long, flimsy limbs; lightweight and decorates beautifully.

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Tree Care Information: Always make a fresh cut horizontally about one-half inch up the trunk just before putting the tree into the stand so the tree will be able to absorb the water. Use plain water free of additives and use a stand with at least a 2-gallon water capacity. Never let the tree run out of water. Do not place a tree too close to a direct heat source. Enjoy!