Pick your own pumpkins

Our Story

Gaver Family Farm is a diversified family farming operation.  Gaver Tree Farm was established in 1978 by Michael Gaver at age 17. The farm’s first sales were in 1984 and today there are about sixty acres of cut your own Christmas trees planted in different stages of growth.

The pumpkin business was started in 1998 by then 8-year-old son Greg in his first year in 4-H, when as part of his gardening project he had a bumper crop and set up a small self-serve stand in the front yard.

In 2007, Gaver Pumpkin Patch was established as the family expanded the farm stand to include hayrides to the patch for pick your own pumpkins and added an Agritourism Fall Fun Festival with corn mazes, farm animals and numerous fun and educational activities for families.

Gaver Farm is a food producer.  In 2007, after 50 years on the same farm the family sold their milking dairy herd. They now have a cow/calf and feeder beef steer herd, meat goat herd and various flocks of birds. They operate a crop farm and grow corn, soybeans, wheat, rye cover crop and various hays. Hay and straw are offered on the farm for sale year round.

The Gaver Family was Frederick County Farm Family of the Year for 2005 and was presented the Take Pride in America award for 2008 for outstanding conservation and environmental stewardship practices. In 2011 Gaver Farm was awarded the distinction of being a Certified Agricultural Conservation Steward for meeting the certification standard of the Farm Stewardship Certification and Assessment Program. Mike and Lisa are thankful for the community support of our local farm and most proud of their children’s return to the farm after college and desire to keep our farm in agriculture! You are invited to come and experience the farm firsthand!

Meet the Farm Family!

gaver family photo

Michael and Lisa Gaver were married in 1983 and have been farming together for over 30 years. They have two children, Laura and Greg. They were pioneers in Agri-tourism, with on-farm school tours and farm animal petting from the beginning. Mike and Lisa’s hard work, passion for farming & agriculture, forward-thinking and stewardship to the environment led to the success and growth of Gaver Farm. Mike is the General Farm Manager and directs the planting, care and harvesting of all crops on the farm. He builds, fixes and maintains buildings, equipment and attractions. Lisa is the Farm Market Manager and Office Manager and oversees the entire farm operation.

Laura Gaver House is the Reservation Coordinator, Marketing Manager and Director of Fun for the Fall Fun Festival. Laura answers the farm phone and takes reservations for any event/party or tour at the farm. She is the Admission Barn Manager and Assistant Farm Market Manager and coordinates school tours. Laura is a 2009 graduate of Virginia Tech with degrees in both Dairy Science and Accounting & Information Systems. In May 2011, Laura married Brian House and they are both working full time on the farm. Laura and Brian’s daughter, Hailey represents the 3rd generation on the farm.

Brian House is the Food Services Manager and manages the Barn Grill and Barn Bakery. He manages farm security and is the farm’s technology expert. He cashiers, is a hayride driver, does school tours, shears trees, manages our beef and goat herd, builds and helps with all aspects of the farm. Brian grew up on his family’s dairy farm in Nokesville, VA and is a 2006 Virginia Tech graduate with a degree in Dairy Science and a Master’s Degree in Animal Science from Penn State.

Greg Gaver is the Production Manager and Campfire Director. He works in overall crop production for the farm and manages the picking of our produce from our fields for sale in the Farm Market and handles all hay and straw marketing and delivery. He coordinates the farm campfires, cashiers, is a hayride driver, does school tours, shears trees, manages our swine operation and helps with all aspects of the farm. Greg is a 2012 graduate of the University of Maryland with a degree in Agriculture Economics.   

History of the Farm Property:

The original historic homestead was named ‘Glenmont,’ the ancestral home of the Dorsey family. Part of the same family founded the town of Mt. Airy. Originally, the settlement consisted of 1500 acres taken up as ‘Dorsey Search.’ Samuel Dorsey built the historic home around 1800. Many Dorsey family members are buried in the family cemetery located on our farmstead in the Festival area. You are welcome to visit the cemetery. The brick portion of the house was built in 1823. His son Pottinger (also buried in cemetery) later owned the property until his death in 1905. At that time the Detrick family purchased the property (well, married into the family), hence the name Detrick Road, usually named for the first homeowner when a road is created. In 1927 Dr. Frederick Louis Detrick became owner along with his sister.  Fort Detrick in Frederick was named after Dr. Detrick. In addition, Pottinger Dorsey had a more famous brother, Ignatius who grew up at ‘Glenmont’.  Army Captain Ignatius Dorsey led commands through campaigns during the Civil War. He was present at Antietam, Gettysburg and many other influential battles.