2015 Maryland Corn Maze

We are so excited to share a photo of our 2015 Maryland Corn Maze! Our theme this year is Maryland Pride, featuring Black Eyes Susans, our favorite crustacean- the crab and the Maryland Flag! Farmer Brian used GPS to create our expanded corn maze this year and we love the design! We were able to take a plane ride to get a few photos of the maze and couldn’t be more excited to reveal the larger corn maze picture! Are you ready to find your way through the maze this fall!?

This is our 9th annual corn maze as part of our Fall Fun Festival. The apple on the right is the Kiddie Corn Maze, enjoyed by many school groups and little ones. It’s a great way to get started with committing to the huge maze! Our Frederick, Maryland Corn Maze is a great activity for the whole family!

Maryland Corn Maze at Gaver Farm