Welcome To Laura’s Lookout

Gaver Farm

Brian, Laura & Hailey House

Hello Friends! My name is Laura Gaver House. I was born and raised on our family farm in Mt. Airy, MD and am now married and raising my daughter on the very same farm! I learned most of what I know about agriculture from my parents and experiences on the farm, but also got a BS degree in Dairy Science from Virginia Tech.

I enjoy gardening, am super-organized, love reading, making home-cooked meals, fresh air and a good bowl of ice cream. My favorite things on the farm are new baby animals, the smell of fresh-cut hay, and watching crops grow from planting to harvest.

I married my best friend, Brian in 2011 and am beyond blessed to work beside him and the rest of my family every day. I absolutely love being a mom and am having fun figuring out how to farm full-time with a one-year-old in tow. Join me for a look at what’s happening in my home, family, agriculture, with local food and at Gaver Farm!