Christmas Trees

Cut your own or pick a beautifully sheared Fresh Cut Christmas Tree!

November 29 – December 23, 2019 from 9 am – 5 pm daily.

We offer FREE Shaking and Baling, FREE Use of Saws and FREE Tree Drilling.

Cut Your Own: Choose from over 60 acres of beautifully shaped Christmas trees.

Fresh-Cut Area: Trees are cut fresh from our own farms. Fresh-Cut trees are priced by the type and height of the tree. Most are $65 and up to $200 for the tallest trees. We have TALL Douglas Fir (limited) available by order up to 15′. The 2019 Fresh-Cut trees are predominately the Douglas Fir variety. Fresh-Cut trees are priced based on the type of tree and height for tall trees.

Cut your own trees are priced by the type of tree, plus MD sales tax:

  • Colorado Blue Spruce (4-7 feet) $75: Premium tree with strong, sturdy branches; blue-green in color; excellent needle retention.
  • Canaan Fir (4-7 feet) $65: Soft, short, dark green needles with firm branches; similar appearance to Fraser Fir; very fragrant.
  • Douglas Fir (4-7 feet) $65: Most popular variety with dense branch structure, green needles. Great for decorating with kids!
  • Fraser Fir (4-7 feet) $65: Soft, short dark green needles with silver undertone.
  • White Pine (4-7 feet) $50: Soft, willowy needles and graceful appearance.

2019 Update: The majority of our cut your own trees are Blue Spruce, Douglas Fir, Fraser Fir and Canaan Fir. It takes 8-12 years to grow a Christmas tree so on average each field cycles in 10 years with 7 years of just growing and 3 years of cutting. This year we have a few fields in the final year of cutting on the front side of the farm and a field on the back side of the farm (through the woods).

Tree Care Information: Always make a fresh cut horizontally about one-half inch up the trunk just before putting the tree into the stand so the tree will be able to absorb the water. Use plain water free of additives and use a stand with at least a 2-gallon water capacity. Never let the tree run out of water. Do not place a tree too close to a direct heat source. Remember, real trees have a shelf-life. Enjoy!

Pets are not allowed on the farm premises per our insurance carrier. We follow the federal Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) for food crops; thus, pets are not allowed on the farm.