Policies & FAQs

Are pets allowed?
No. Pets are NOT allowed on the premises during the Fall and Christmas seasons. We ask this for their safety, as well as the safety of our guests and our farm animals that are not pet-social.

Service animals with valid certification paperwork are welcome at Gaver Farm. All service animals must remain physically controlled on a leash or harness at all times. Service animals are limited to one animal per guest. Guests whose service animal demonstrates aggressive actions toward our guests, animals or employees may be directed to remove the animal from the farm.

Is smoking permitted?
No smoking (including e-cigarettes) on the farm in guest areas. Smoking is only allowed in the parking lot.

What attractions have additional costs?
Our Fall Fun Festival is ALL-INCLUSIVE. After paying daily general admission, you do not need to pay for any additional attractions in the Fall Fun Festival.

Do I have to pay the admission cost if I just want to shop?
The admission is NOT a farm admission, so you are welcome to visit the Farm Market, Barn Grill, Barn Bakery, Donut Hut and take a hayride to visit the pumpkin patch without paying any admission charge.

Do you charge for parking?
No. Parking is free! We have a large gravel parking lot and overflow field parking.

Do you offer Season Passes?
Yes! They are $42 per person for our Fall season. You are required to show a photo ID and your Season Pass on every visit. “Oops! I forgot my Season Pass! What do I do?!” Don’t worry! There are two awesome options! Physical Season Pass: 1. Show the Gaver Farm cashier a picture on your phone (front and back required) of your pass. 2. Know your Season Pass # so the cashier can look up your information in Gaver Farm’s book. For online Season Passes, show the QR code on your phone. NON-TRANSFERABLE. NON-REFUNDABLE. Not valid for school field trips. If you are attending a birthday party, you can use your season pass for admission to the Fall Fun Fest. You must have your pass OR a photo of your pass/ QR code OR know your pass number, AND ID to use your pass each visit! 

What forms of payment are accepted? We accept cash, VISA, Discover and Mastercard. We do not accept personal checks or money orders. Group leaders may pay with corporate, school, or scout troop checks with proper ID.

What is your weather policy? The Farm Market is always open, rain or shine! We adjust our hours accordingly for weather events. If it is raining, snowing, muddy or very wet, the Fall Fun Festival will be closed. Please check our Facebook page, Homepage or call to check farm conditions/closings. Gaver Farm, LLC reserves the right to close any or the entire farm due to weather or farm conditions.

If you have a reservation a farm manager will notify you by phone or email listed on your reservation as soon as the decision has been made to cancel, delay or postpone your event. Rain dates cannot be given at the time of booking, but rescheduling is possible if time slots remain available. Please call the morning of your reservation for options, rescheduling or cancellations. If the farm closes on the date and time your event is scheduled, your deposit will be refunded. If the Fall Fun Festival closes after you have paid admission for the day, Rain Passes will be given to guests with a receipt who arrived within an hour of closing. We do not give cash refunds! Check the weather before purchasing your admission.

Is alcohol and food permitted?
Gaver Farm offers a large selection of food choices. On weekdays, the Donut Hut is open from 10 am – 6 pm with lunch, drinks and sweets. On weekends, all food stands are open and offer Gaver Farm’s delicious farm fresh food, drinks, sweets, snacks and more. Picnic areas are reserved for guests purchasing food from the farm. Alcohol is not permitted.

Is Gaver Farm handicap accessible?
The Farm Market is handicap accessible. This is a working farm with unpaved, uneven paths. Strollers and wagons are allowed, however; remember there are bumps and hills. No strollers or wagons are permitted on hayrides.

What rules are there when visiting the farm animals? Food and drink are not allowed while near or inside the Farm Animal Barnyard.  Hand sanitizer is available at all animal pens and around the farm and hand washing stations are available at the exit to the Barnyard and near all food concession stands. You may feed the animals the feed provided in the Gaver Farm Animal Cups and Feed Dispensers. Wash your hands frequently after petting or feeding any animal and before eating. Read all signs posted and remember that animals can bite (or peck). Do not feed the donkeys, horse or pigs. Keep your hand flat when feeding animals and do not enter or open any animal pen.

Do you have restrooms?
Portable restrooms are available in several locations around the farm.

What is your photography policy? Gaver Farm, LLC is a beautiful location to take family photos in the fall and Christmas season. Photography sessions are permitted from September – December during regular business hours and during non-business hours by appointment only with a $50 Fee. Please see our full Photography Policy for details.

How should I dress? You are visiting a real farm. We recommend wearing clothing comfortable for walking or hiking. Layering for temperature changes makes sense. Use hats for sun protection and bring sunscreen. You are visiting a real working farm so closed-toed shoes are recommended. Sneakers or hiking boots are fine, but remember they may get dirty. Stinging insects may be present.

What are the corn maze rules? Do not pick or throw corn. You may not take the corn crop home with you and absolutely no feeding the corn to animals. Stay on the paths and do not run. Children 14 and under must be accompanied by a responsible adult. No smoking or alcohol.

Is First Aid Available? We stock standard First Aid supplies. They are available at the Admission Barn, Farm Market, Barn Grill, Wristband Checkpoint and Donut Hut. For an emergency, call 911 or have any Gaver Farm employee/manager call for you. We DO NOT under any circumstance dispense medications.

What group rates do you offer? Group rates are available at Gaver Farm! The school field trip rate of $8 per person is a group rate, reservation required (see School Field Trips for more information). We also offers group rates in the form of packages when reserving a Party Pen on weekends. To receive a group rate, you must pay with one transaction.

Do you have a Lost and Found? Yes! We ask all guests to bring items found to the Farm Market counter. Guests inquiring about items lost are to report to the Farm Market counter. Please be prepared to accurately describe the lost item. We find hundreds of items each year- please remember to check our Lost and Found to claim your items!

Is Special Motorized Transportation permitted? No! Guests are not permitted to bring or use hoverboards, segways or their own golf carts or ATVs on the Gaver Farm property.

Drone Policy: Gaver Farm, LLC does not allow Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) or drones to be on or operated over any portion of Gaver Farm property without permission in the form of a written contract.